About Us




Hatzolah of Los Angeles established in 2001 is an IRS 501(c)3 Non-Profit corporation with elected officers and a board of directors, incorporated in the state of California. Our primary goal is to provide trained volunteers capable of responding to all emergency situations in the communities we serve, with the training, skill and equipment necessary to provide competent medical & emergency care. With the support and endorsement of our local community leaders and the local EMS providers, to date close to 100 Hatzolah volunteers have been trained by the School of EMT and certified by Los Angeles County EMS Agency as Emergency Medical Technicians.

Hatzolah’s members are all linked to a dispatch center via a sophisticated communication system and ready to respond to all medical emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, Hatzolah has a Medical Advisory Board, consisting of distinguished physicians (M.D.) within the community, with whom Hatzolah regularly information consults.

All Hatzolah members are equipped with Life-saving equipment such as, Oxygen, Airway management devices, Trauma management accessories and AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators).

Hatzolah does not offer a substitute nor an alternative to the already existing 911 EMS system.

The purpose of Hatzolah is to provide a lifesaving bridge during the few critical moments it takes the mandated EMS provider to arrive, by providing lifesaving intervention, preventing additional injury and/or further deterioration of the patient’s health and well being, stabilizing the patient/s and providing comfort. Upon arrival of the local EMS resources, Hatzolah members will transfer patient care and stand ready to render any assistance that might be required.


Hatzolah’s volunteer corps consists of individuals who reside in and – in most cases – work within the community. Consequently, there are always Hatzolah members available seconds away from any potential medical emergency in the community. Members must have a proven track record of community service. They must be at least 21 years of age, be gainfully employed and married, factors that indicate responsibility, commitment and dedication. Hatzolah is run on a strictly volunteer basis, with individuals giving of their time as a service to their community. No one is paid for any services they perform.

Hatzolah neither requests nor makes use of any City, County, State, or Federal funds. All funding for Hatzolah is obtained through private solicitation & donation.


The Jewish community is unique in character. Consequently, having a trained professional who is familiar with and accustomed to Jewish laws, language and cultural nuances – especially in time of emergency – lends a great deal of comfort to both the patient and the family as well as the care providers. Additionally, at time of panic, a familiar face can also help diffuse potentially unpleasant situations.

On the Jewish Sabbath, due to the many Halachot (Jewish laws) with regard to medical issues, Orthodox Jewish patients may neglect their health out of ignorance of what Halacha allows or mistakenly forbids deviations from the common law for the purpose of medical intervention. For this reason Hatzolah volunteers are knowledgeable in the Halachic guidelines of the Sabbath & Jewish law in general.

Our coverage area includes the following geographical area in the City of Los Angeles: Hancock Park, Beverly-La Brea, Park La Brea, Part of the Mid-Wilshire area & part of the Fairfax district, the Pico-Robertson, Beverlywood, Part of Beverly Hills, and the Valley Village (North Hollywood).

Hatzolah takes an active role in educating our community regarding fire safety, as well as safety in the home and on the road. Hatzolah offers training to the community in basic first-aid and C.P.R., led by American Heart Association certified instructors, as well as emergency preparedness and prevention classes led by L.A.F.D. instructors.

Hatzolah’s interaction and full cooperation with city and county agencies lead to better understanding – and consequently a better relationship – between these agencies and the Jewish community.


Hatzolah has and continuously works with County & City Emergency Services as partners in Emergency Medicine. We are continuing to develop the integrated system of protocols to ensure appropriate response, quality service and optimal use of resources.

Hatzolah’s dispatch center is located within the community and is staffed by Hatzolah Dispatchers around the clock. Hatzolah Dispatchers are trained to obtain the essential information to asses the nature, urgency and location of an emergency. We are available to the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a county-wide emergency (Earthquake, man-made disasters etc.) our volunteers are trained to augment the local emergency resources, provide medical relief and participate in search and rescue missions as well as mass casualty incidents. Many of the Los Angeles volunteers have traveled to Israel and trained in Advanced Disaster Rescue and Recovery Operations by the internationally renown ZAK”A group. Additionally, Hatzolah is in the process of forming an advanced Recovery Team in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Coroner.