When to Call

When Should I Call Hatzolah of Los Angeles?

Hatzolah’s 24/7 Emergency Line: 800-613-1911

People are often unsure whether a medical emergency is “big enough” to warrant calling Hatzolah. If you are unsure, always call (even on Shabbos).

Hatzolah of Los Angeles’ EMTs are trained and equipped to provide first aid and CPR in the event of medical emergencies.  Hatzolah responders are trained at the EMT-I level and are not a substitute for Fire Department Paramedics.  Always call 911 to activate Paramedics first and then call Hatzolah for prompt EMT response.

Hatzolah should be called:

for ALL medical emergencies.

if you are involved in a car accident

to help search for a missing person.

In the event of a fire, first call 9-1-1, then call Hatzolah.

Hatzolah can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Shabbos, Yom Tov, and even Yom Kippur.

In any situation where there is even a slight possibility that a second delay could be dangerous, immediately call.

Important note: During an emergency, and particularly on Shabbos, people sometimes search for a Hatzolah volunteer they are familiar with; by going to his house or calling him on the phone.

We strongly discourage this practice. It is potentially dangerous because it delays getting help quickly, especially during a severe or potentially life threatening medical emergencies.

In any medical emergency, immediately call the Hatzolah hotline number. All of our volunteers are highly trained and professional, and capable of handling all medical emergencies.

If you would like a specific volunteer to come, do not delay calling Hatzolah in order to call him. When you call the Hatzolah hotline, after giving the dispatcher the information, you can request that they also send over a particular volunteer if he is available.

In medical emergencies every second is critical!! Do not cause any unnecessary delays.

Remember: If you are unsure, always call (even on Shabbos).