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Hatzolah of Los Angeles established in 2001 is an IRS 501(c)3 Non-Profit corporation with elected officers and a board of directors, incorporated in the state of California. Our primary goal is to provide trained volunteers capable of responding to all emergency situations in the communities we serve, with the training, skill and equipment necessary to provide competent medical & emergency care.

Hatzolah’s responders are linked to a dispatch center via a digital communication system and ready to respond to all medical emergency’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All Hatzolah members are equipped with top of the line Life-saving equipment such as, Oxygen, Airway management devices, Trauma management supplies and AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators).


Hatzolah’s volunteer corps consists of individuals who reside in and – in most cases – work within the community. Consequently, there are always Hatzolah members available seconds away from any potential medical emergency in the community. Hatzolah is run on a strictly volunteer basis, with individuals giving of their time as a service to their community. No one is paid for any services they perform.

How Do We Help?

There are countless ways in which our organization makes a difference in communities around the world. Here’s three.

Help Is On The Way

We’re here for the big things, and the small things. When we commit to a community, we ensure that we’re there through thick and thin.

Verified Volunteers

Our volunteers have worked in the medical and service industry for a minimum of 4 years before service with us.

Education Above All

Anything we develop within the community, is taught to the community members, always ensuring that it can continue operation without us.

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Get to know our volunteers

We have a hard working bunch, Hatzolah LA has been around since 2001. Our dedication to this cause is unmatched, and our members is lead by the best.

Being a volunteer has changed my perspective on what caring means. At any given moment, I find myself caring for a total stranger. Hatzolah is there for you when you are most vulnerable and need emergency care.
I volunteered because we live in a community that has so many great chesed organizations that help families in need. It’s extremely important to give back, and by actually going out and doing your part. Being part of Hatzolah and helping those who are in crisis or in need of medical attention, people who you know, friends and neighbors, gives me a great sense of achievement and humanity.
Hatzolah is a lifestyle that can’t be described. It teaches values and priorities to my family that you can’t just teach. The smile that I get from my kids because they are proud of their father is priceless.
I serve as a dispatcher quite a bit and try to respond to emergency calls as often as possible. In regards to all aspects of my life, volunteering has shown me the most reward for the effort I put in, and it gives me great satisfaction knowing I am a direct cause in changing and saving people’s lives.


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